From the team behind


Monitor and control your lighting
from one single interface

From the team behind


Monitor and control your lighting
from one single interface

Wireless Lighting Control

Light Boss™ puts an intuitive lighting system at the heart of your building’s operation. Automate your lighting, triggered by occupancy or daylight. Light Boss™ dims down your lighting, when no one is around, or when it detects natural light. It turns back up again when it is needed, for the ultimate in energy efficient lighting control. It reports back on energy consumption, monitors LED faults and your emergency lighting remotely, and offers huge savings over hard-wired installations.

Set up once*…

enjoy the benefits for years

*(With easy recommissioning, no specialist engineers required)

Simple, Scalable, Lighting Control

Light Boss™ creates a wireless lighting network, with simple software to set or adjust your lighting. Connect a single light fixture or thousands, with no upper limit. Create an instant digital asset register of all connected lighting, pinpointing its location, tagged to a unique ID.

Emergency Light Testing

Light Boss™ provides Remote Emergency Light Monitoring and Testing, for ultra-compliance. Owners and operators can check for faults with Emergency LED, batteries or mains power without ever visiting a site. Eradicates the need for any manual reporting, inspections or routing and periodic testing. Let Light Boss™ manage your Emergency lighting obligations!

Energy Usage

Light Boss™ provides ‘live’ reporting on the energy consumption of all connected lighting fixtures, allowing energy management of a single site or all of your sites – an ideal tool for complete energy performance of multi-site installations.

Suitable For New Builds or Retrofits

Light Boss™ lighting control is universal, and retrofittable. Upgrade your lighting to a fully controllable LED scheme with new wireless-enabled luminaires today. For more information, contact us here

Circadian Lighting

The Circadian Rhythm is the internal body clock spread roughly over 24 hours, that adjusts our daily sleeping and walking cycle, allowing our brain and bodies to tackle biological activities. It can be modulated by external cues such as sunlight and work best when you have a routine such as regular sleeping patterns. Unusual events like exhaustion or jet lag can disrupt your Circadian Rhythm making it difficult to concentrate or induce emotional responses.

Recent studies conclude that LED lighting can enhance staff performance, boost concentration levels, eliminates flicker-inducing migraines and issues of ‘Sick Building Syndrome’. In addition, providing human-centric lighting in our buildings can support well-being in users by improving concentration, increasing productivity, reducing ADHD, errors and accidents and counteract the negative effects of artificial light that we absorb from screens, monitors and the lack of natural daylight on our natural biorhythms.

With the leaps made in colour tuning and control, lighting can now be manipulated to mimic the complex effect of natural daylight, i.e. it transitions through different hues and intensities moving through warm yellow and orange tones to colder whites and blues into the bold red, orange and warm yellow shades of dusk.

Light Boss™ features unique, built-in functionality allowing manipulation of multi-white tunable LEDs with varying colour temperatures to mirror the natural daylight pattern. Completely controllable across the correlated colour temperature spectrum (2,700K to 6,000K), you can fine tune the desired colour temperature to suit your application and improve the performance of employees – choose a warmer colour temperature to mimic mid-morning light, or a cooler colour temperature to mimic late evening light, or put it on auto-pilot mode to bring the outside into your working environment.

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Reports real-time energy usage based on the power consumption of all connected lighting.


Monitors self-test emergency lighting for fault reporting, eradicating the need to test or check emergency light fittings individually.


Creates lighting zones, or ‘groups,’ which are controlled in-sync with each other.


Makes the most of natural light availability and dims artificial light accordingly.


Allows lighting sensors to be overridden with a manual switch in emergencies, which can be installed wherever required.


Intuitively dims lighting down upon in-occupancy, allowing a basic level of lighting to be maintained for comfort & security.


Allows integration of other buildings services – which go into standby mode upon complete inoccupancy. E.g. Fire alarms can trigger uplift of all lighting to 100%


Single Daylight Sensor for each Daylight Group – ensures the entire Daylight Group or zone behaves the same on command.


Upon occupancy, the zone lighting sets maximum lighting level, where lights may dim but never switch off completely with higher light levels and longer time-outs.


When the area(s) are completely free of traffic, the lighting operates in security mode, with lower lighting level and switch off after shorter time-out intervals.

Compare Light Boss™

Comparison with other control systemsLight BossKNXDALI SystemStand Alone DALI
Extendable, can be scaled infinitelyYNNN
Single Access for Multi-Site AnalysisYYNN
Cloud basedYYNN
Access via Smart deviceYYNN
Futureproof YYNN
Daylight MonitoringYYYY
Maintained illuminanceYYYY
Emergency Test & ReportingYYYN
Luminaire Status MonitoringYEstimatedEstimatedN
Status alertsYYYN

Minimise Your Energy Consumption

By operating your lighting where it is needed – rather than at 100% brightness constantly – you are minimising energy consumption, extending lighting lifecycles and lowering maintenance costs. By claiming 100% first year capital allowance, through the Enhanced Capital Allowances Scheme (ECA), you can offset the cost of Light Boss™, Goodlight™ LED luminaires and their installation.


Less Energy Consumption (PA / up to)


Less Energy Cost (PA / up to)



Distribution centre exampleCurrentwith Light Boss™
Lighting Set Up118 Metal Halide High Bay Fixtures100 LED Fixtures with Light Boss™
Total Wattage (PA)207,360W36,288W
CO2 Emmissions (PA)112,306 Kg19,654 Kg
Energy Cost (avg. PA)£25,970£4,355

Typical savings with Goodlight LED*

*Based on lighting usage at 12 hours per day, with 50% occupancy and 6 hours (per day) Daylight Controls.

How It Works

Design, Install and Maintain

Upload your floor plan for super-fast lighting layout creation. Light Boss™ provides total flexibility within its functionality so you can design the right type of control for each area. Automate your lighting using its simple ‘drag and drop’ tool, which can be re-configured at the touch of a button, ideal when refurbishing or adapting internal layouts. Luminaires can be added to the lighting network, or replaced, by inheriting the settings of its predecessor. Once installed, Light Boss’ settings can be changed, lighting layouts altered or revised without any need for expensive re-commissioning. Maintain your lighting through Light Boss’ extensive Monitoring Dashboard, showing faults which need attention and comprehensive analysis of energy performance.

Light Boss™ is suitable for different environments including…

















Why Light Boss™?

Ease of Install

Whether new build or retrofit, it’s connected during lighting install, no need for specialist engineers to install or re-commission.

Simple App/Web Interface

Includes an easy ‘drag and drop’ design tool for lighting layouts with Monitoring Dashboard for live reporting.

Single or Multi-Site

Measure and monitor one or all of your sites from a single point, ideal for group site operators and managers.

Emergency Testing

Monitors all self-test emergency lighting for faults, with reporting function.

Circadian Rhythm

Delivers human centric lighting by manipulating white colour temperatures to mimic the natural daylight pattern.

Energy Reporting

Provides sophisticated ‘live’ energy performance reports and mapping on all connected lighting for easy analysis.

BMS Integration

Can integrate with your existing building management system, e.g. fire alarm, boilers, vending machines and more.

Clear Comms Channel

Unlike others, Light Boss™ does not use Zigbee, Mesh or BLE. These channels are very ‘noisy’ – lighting commands can get held up behind other building services. Light Boss’s commands are uninterrupted, ensuring lighting reacts without any delay or interference.


Allows you to alter your internal layout(s) and re-configure your lighting, by adding new or moving existing luminaires with simple tools, and re-commissioning in-house.

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